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wild flower

3 Spring Street

Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706

Phone: (914)295-0551

Email: info@yourwildflower.com

FB/Instagram: @yourwildflowershop


wild flower comes from the creative direction of Nik Tarpey, a resident of the Rivertowns in Westchester, NY. Our floral design is rooted in the study of the natural landscapes and the aesthetic of locally-grown flowers, which is more wild, airy, and textural. Nik's work with plants and flowers started early, gardening with her dad and arranging flowers/plant styling with her mom who professionally designed both weddings and holidays. Nik's entry into professional floristry was guided by Mairead Travins, former owner of Flowerkraut in Hudson, NY, which Nik and her sister Amanda purchased in 2018. Nik then moved to the Rivertowns and quickly decided to open a shop of her own. Nik continues to take regular opportunities to analyze and improve her work and provide training to her team, and has completed multiple courses with Nicole Land of Soil & Stem, Susan McLeary of Passion Flower Sue, and Alex Nutting and Jess Lister of Aesme Flower Studio.