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wild flower

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Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706

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wild flower is owned by Nik Tarpey, a resident of the rivertowns in Westchester, NY. Our floral design is rooted in the study of the New Naturalist landscape design movement, the revival of the Dutch Masters-style floral movement by artists such as Ariella Chezar in NYC, and the aesthetic of locally-grown flowers, which is more wild & textural. Nik's work with plants and flowers started early, gardening with her dad and arranging flowers/plant styling with her mom who directed the weddings and decorations at their church for Christmas, Easter, weddings, and other holidays. Nik grew her first independent vegetable & flower garden her first summer out of college, and despite living in Brooklyn for 10 years without a yard, has always had dozens of plants under her care on various windowsills, stoops, and fire escapes. Nik's entry into professional floristry was guided by Mairead Travins, former owner of Flowerkraut in Hudson, NY. Nik and her sister Amanda took over Flowerkraut when Mairead moved back home to Scotland, and Mairead was kind to show them the ropes. In addition to a lifetime of apprentice work, Nik continues to take regular opportunities to analyze and improve her work with formal classwork.